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Apparel Training & Design Centre

India’s Largest Vocational Training Network for the Apparel Sector

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Apparel Training & Design Centre (ATDC) has emerged as India’s Largest Vocational Training Network for the Apparel Sector with over 150 ATDCs including 25 ATDC Vocational Institutes and over 150 ATDC- SMART Peripatetic Centres and Skill Camps at present in major Apparel clusters spread across 20 states Pan India.

ATDC NHO ATDC’s National Head Office at "PARIDHAN VIKAS BHAWAN" in Sector-44, Gurgaon manages and monitors the activities of the Pan-India network of ATDC Vocational Institute & Centres and also over sees implementation of the SMART Project. The new building was inaugurated by the Secretary Textiles, MOT, GOI on 22nd November, 2010. 
ATDC’s aim is to train skilled workforce for the rapidly growing export and domestic sectors of the Apparel Industry and upgrade the technical skills to improve quality, productivity and efficiency in a global context. In ATDCs journey of “Skilling the Apparel Sector” it now has the largest network of 25 ATDC Vocational Institutes offering Certificate, Diploma & Associate Degree Programmes and over 150 ATDC-SMART Centres & Skill Camps offering 1-4 months Certificate Programmes under its banner. ATDC plans to expand to a total of 250 ATDC SMART Peripatetic Centres, under the ISD Scheme in the ensuing 2-3 years.


Currently ATDC offers Programmes under two pathways-


  • ATDC Vocational Institute
  • ATDC-SMART Training Project


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ATDC has tied up with IGNOU through a long term MOU for establishing 25 ATDC - Vocational Institutes Pan India with an objective to create a ‘college for the community’ with a focus on employability in the apparel and allied sectors.
This step has been a significant one in making available proper Certification System through IGNOU’s validation processes and offering proper progression towards an Associate Degree. This initiative of ATDC has a positive cascading impact on improving the skill base for both the domestic and export manufacturing sectors of Textile and Apparel Industries and at the same time offering opportunity for graduation and further higher studies.
Highlights of ATDC Vocational Institute (AVI)

  • ATDC Vocational Institute -
  • “A College for the Community” to provide a range of skills for the “fibre to fashion” chain
  • “Shaping Industry ready Graduates” for the Apparel Industry
  • Largest Network of ATDC Vocational Institute Pan-India
  • Suggested pathways leading to Graduation with technical skills
  • 2 admission cycle per annum i.e. July and January
  • Approximately 2500 candidates successfully enrolled since the commencement of the programmes  in  January-2010
  • PROGRAMMES under ATDC Vocational Institute include:
  • 11 Creditized Programmes offered under ATDC Vocational Institute -
  • 4 Certificate Programmes (6months duration)
  • 5 Diploma Programmes (1 yr)
  • 2 Associate Degree Programmes (2Yr)
  • 10 Non-Credit Customised Programmes(NCCP) to provide skill based training of less than 6 month duration
  • Customized Curricula
  • As per Apparel Industry needs and IGNOU guidelines
  • Inclusive of foundation programmes in communication & PD, computer applications & EDP in all programmes
  • Inclusive of domain courses for skill & knowledge
  • Inclusive of internships & projects
  • Uniform curricula across all ATDC Vocational Institute
  • Centralized Examination System and Evaluation
  • Vertical Mobility to Higher Level Programmes
  • Easy Exit & Re-entry options as a part of each Programme under ATDC Vocational Institute
  • Lateral Entry in 2nd Year of Associate Degree Programme
  • Course outlined in  Modular Formats

ATDC Vocational Institutes offers  Associate Degree Programmes (2 years) in Apparel Manufacturing, Fashion Design; Diploma Programmes (1 year) in Apparel Pattern Making & CAD, Apparel Quality Assurance & Compliance, Apparel Manufacturing Technology,  Fashion Design Technology and Knitwear Manufacturing Technology; Certificate Programmes (6 Months ) in Apparel Pattern Making, Knitwear Manufacturing Technology (foundation), Apparel Export Merchandising, Production Supervision & Quality Control.
Non-credit customised programmes such as computer aided design (pattern making), computer aided design (merchandising manager), computer aided design (fashion studio) and garment construction techniques programmes are also offered under AVI.


ATDC-SMART Training Project


First ATDC-SMART Centre, Egmore

ATDC has been selected as a nodal agency under component I of the ISDS of MOT, GoI with pan-India approval received in February, 2011 and the Tamil Nadu part of the projectobtained earlier in October, 2010. The first ATDC-
ATDC Smart Egmore Centre SMART Centre was established in EgmoreChennai and was inaugurated by then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and Hon’ble Minister of Textiles, MOT, GoI.
ATDC-SMART training project has been planned with a focus to provide trainees with skills for “employability” and help the apparel industry with a pool of skilled and certified workforce to improve competitiveness through better quality, efficiency and productivity.


SMART- Skills for Manufacturing of Apparels through Research and Training is an ATDC training project under the Integrated Skill Development Scheme, Ministry of Textiles, GOI is  focused on providing Industry- Ready Skilled Workforce according to the core requirements of the garment industry located in various manufacturing centers across India.


    • SMART training project aims to impart basic skills to the new entrants and up skilling the existing skill sets of the present work force to bridge the skill gaps and meet the industry requirements.
    • The ultimate target of the ATDC-SMART training project is to bring about overall systematic change in the apparel industrywith renewed focus on efficiency, productivity & quality, and also all round development of the apparel industry ecosystem
    • Admissions to SMART Programmes are open throughout the year with new batchenrollmentsevery 8th, 18th& 28th of a month.
    • Short  term customized programmes like SMART Operator (Basic), SMART Operator (Advanced), SMART Finishers & Packers, Quality Checker, Machine Technician and SMART Surface Ornamentation are being offered through all ATDC –SMART Centres/ SMART Skill Camps pan-India. These programmes are certified under the non-credit customized programmes (NCCP). NCCP
    • Support for Candidates:
    • Tamil Nadu Govt. had announced Stipendiary support of Rs.2,000/- per candidate besides allocating built-up space at nominal rentals. Reimbursement of stipend for 60 candidates was released. Now that a new Govt. has been formed, efforts are being made for issuance of suitable Govt. Order for providing continuity to Stipendiary support.
    • Rajasthan Govt. has announced support to ATDC for Rs.2,000/- per candidate for 12,000 candidate for next 2 years, besides allocating rent-free built-up space at several places including in Sitapura SEZ.
    • Chhattisgarh Govt. has also agreed to provide assistance for setting up new centres besides sponsorship of candidates for training at ATDC, Stipendiary support to trainees and assistance from District Industry Centres to assist the Principals of ATDC in mobilizing candidates.
    • Orissa Govt. has provided Grant-in-Aid for setting up Centres.  Orissa Govt. is also providing all out support for sponsorship of candidates and other assistance.
  1. ATDC’s Qualified Faculty Resource and State-of-the-Art ATDC Centres are led by a sound & dedicated management team witha strong faculty pool of over 350Trainers, Instructors &Lecturers with passion and commitment towards Skill Development which benefits the youth, women & disadvantaged sections of the society. ATDC’s evolution as a leading vocational training provider with the network of Community Colleges & ATDC SMART Centres augur well for Apparel Manufacturing Sector which is faced with 12-23% attrition of workforce and crunch in finding adequate labour.




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